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Your community is nice but how does it make you feel?

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

We use the word “community” so much, it has lost its meaning. It’s synonymous with neighborhoods (NYC’s Chelsea), loose associations (world Jewry), and whole industries (#eventprofs). What’s missing is the sense of belonging it once provided its members.

Today’s circumstances are ironic. Digitally, we’re more connected than ever, but our need for authentic connection remains unfulfilled. The following are my thoughts on where this will lead us…

  1. In 2019, 52% of employees worked remotely at least once a week, which has obviously increased since the pandemic. As our remote workforce grows, efforts to build community within organizations through internal events will increase.

  2. Events drive engagement, which greatly improves business outcomes (e.g. engaged employees are 17% more productive). Thus, internal employee events (e.g. team-building) will become more important than external sales and marketing events (e.g. roadshows).

  3. This focus on connection extends to social networks. In 2019, drew over 3.3M RSVPs/month. Quarantine has accelerated our need to connect, so we’ll see more community-driven events, like affinity group gatherings, going forward.

In every arena, events that provide attendees with a sense of belonging — the bedrock of community — will win. 🤗

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