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What Leaders Can Learn From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has always been in the news.

The good stuff: Fitness God, Terminator, and Governor.

The not-so-good stuff: an extramarital affair with his housekeeper and an unsuccessful run as the host of Celebrity Apprentice.

Observing Arnold, his outlook, and his actions as of late can teach leaders a few important lessons that they should adopt themselves.

Be kind and inspiring. Arnold has a positive message that is rooted in kindness. Everything he says is meant to inspire those that follow him. Here is an example of his message to his followers from the Special Olympics.

Arnold’s video with athletes from the Special Olympics.

Be strong yet thoughtful when responding to naysayers. Whether it’s the President on Twitter or a troll on Facebook, Arnold doesn’t ignore those that attack him personally. Instead, he publicly responds to them in a thought-provoking way to try to teach them a lesson. Here is one example of his response to someone trolling his message on the Special Olympics.

Arnold’s response to a troll that mocks the Special Olympics.

Be humble and authentic when discussing mistakes. Arnold realizes he can’t erase or hide the past. Instead, he confronts it head-on, shows himself mercy, and tries to make the best of the situation. Here is how he responded to questions around his extramarital affair.

You do think about it every so often and I can beat myself up as much as I want — it’s not gonna change the situation. So the key thing is, How do you move forward? How do you have a great relationship with your kids?

These are some of the ways that Arnold models great leadership qualities. Leaders should try to adopt his style because it will have an exponential effect on those around them.

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