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The Three Responsibilities of the CEO

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Many people — from entrepreneurs to venture capitalists — have written about the role of the CEO from their perch in the business world. Here is my take on it.

As the CEO of Social Tables, I have three responsibilities:

  1. Vision. Lay out a vision, evangelize it, and remove any obstacles from seeing it come to life.

  2. People. Attract, develop, and retain the best people while nurturing and scaling a great culture.

  3. Customers. Meet with and speak to as many customers as possible.

The way I see it, if I am doing anything other than these three things — which is oftentimes the case — then I am not using my time as effectively as possible.

The good news is that my Staff is stronger than ever and that will allow me to let go more so I can focus on the above. [1]

[1] Staff is what we call our Executive Team.

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