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The Skills I'm Developing to Upgrade My Leadership Style

By 2017, perhaps even earlier, I didn’t like the version of myself I had become as CEO of Social Tables. Subconsciously, I imagine, it’s part of the reason I decided to sell when I did (2018).

In version one of myself as CEO, for example, I didn’t understand how to manage my power disposition, where I rank 8 out of 10, according to Steve Sisler’s axiological assessment, which I can’t praise enough btw. This index measures my level of “need to control my environment and author the decisions that will reflect my authority and affect my outcomes.”

I now recognize how, to some, this can come off as “controlling,” especially to those who rank similarly on power or rank low on compliance (those are the folks who called me a micromanager ).

Now, with higher self-esteem (I ranked low on that too), better ways to express my empathy (which was always there), compassion for myself (thanks to the Hoffman Process), and great compassion for others, I can bring to life v2 of my leadership personality... and I'm excited to introduce this new version to the people I work with going forward.

Here are five specific skills I’ve been working on for the second version of my leadership style:

  1. Elegant Efficiency: Gracefully cutting people off to recenter a conversation that's going off on a tangent.

  2. Compassionate Authenticity: Stating my intentions upfront and sharing my opinions in a more mindful way.

  3. Genuine Curiosity: Trying to be as curious as possible in others even if I don’t see immediate “value” to me

  4. Approachable Yet Stoic: Not getting triggered or defensive by what others say

  5. Discernment Over Judgment: Never completely know or claim that my opinion is the only truth.

This growth has come during my “half-time,” where, during covid, I was between ventures and therefore maniacally focused on self-improvement and self-discovery.

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1 Comment

Roni Berger
Roni Berger
Feb 13, 2022

I see such growth in you. Really impressive and makes me proud.

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