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The Boise Business Community Defiantly Responds to Antisemitisim

As you probably know, I relocated to Boise, ID in a relatively impulsive decision mid-Summer. I have loved living here, leaning in to a new community and lifestyle, and meeting so many wonderful new people.

There are so many wonderful thing about Boise. One of them is that it's the home to the only human rights memorial of its kind in the state: The Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Unfortunately, it was desecrated last week with antisemitic hate speech. I called the local Rabbi and we organized a swift response from the business community.

In just 3 days, we collected 62 signatures. Based on my rough estimates, the signatories represent north of 1,000 employees and $250M in annual revenues in the stat and a diverse swath of business types—from startups to community leaders to established businesses across many industries.

The letter, which condemns the attack, speaks to the importance of a united community, and urges elected officials to act, is attached below.

Anne Frank Antisemitism letter
Download PDF • 52KB

Idaho is a place where freedom—all types of freedoms—is encouraged and cherished so it's no surprise that it is second nature to the business community to respond, even if it's regarding a very small minority religious group (the Jewish population in the state is estimated to be just 3,000.)

I am so proud of all of the leaders who, without second guessing, stepped up and joined our efforts in signing it. It's yet another reason why I'm so happy to live here and makes me even more proud of my decision to relocate.

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