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Standup Spotlight: To-Do List Style

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

At Social Tables, we have standup every Tuesday. This is a tradition we have had for a long time and we will continue to have them as long as humanly possible. (Our headcount is now 30.)

We had a team brainstorm the other day and this is why we have them:

Being infatuated with meeting effectiveness and always wanting to try something new, I have been experimenting with different standup formats every week.

Today, we tried turning the standup into a communal to-do huddle. Every person was given 90 seconds to come up with 3 tasks they were comitted to completing by the end of the day (while they listened to Sirus by the Allan Parsons from this post). Then, each person shared their list with the team.

To keep people accountable, I assigned 5 people to 6 designated volunteers . The volunteers were in charge of checking in their assignees throughout the day to make sure their commitments were being met.

Apart from the fact that creating a daily to do is a common behavior of highly successful people, the goal was to get people to think about their day differently. To focus on achievement and results. To think about their day beyond their schedule, which usually just gives us more to-do’s. To consider what really matters and what they want to be proud of.

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