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My Holiday Message to Social Tables

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This was my message to the Social Tables team at our Holiday event.

The crowd at our annual Holiday event 2014

I always say that we are a meetings and events company that happens to do software products. This party is an example of why that is the case. Thank you Ray, Sarah, Claire, and Laura!

I love meetings and events so much because they bring people together. That’s why I started this company — to bring people together. The irony is that our company now brings people together through events like this. We’ve come full circle.

I know so many people who cringe at the thought of spending time with their coworkers. Take my Uber driver tonight, for example. we told him about our party and he goes: “why do you want to see people you work with?”

At Social Tables, we are the opposite. We enjoy time with each other’s company. By show of hands…

  1. Who here works with a friend they knew prior?

  2. Who here considers this their first full-time job?

  3. Who here attended a conference for the first time with ST?

  4. Who here interviewed someone for the first time?

  5. Who here has made a purchasing decision on behalf of a company for the first time?

  6. Who here hired someone for the first time at ST?

  7. Who here has managed more people than they have ever before?

As you see, Social Tables is a place for opportunity. And I promise you that as long as you keep giving us what you got and keep pushing yourself, this company will give you opportunity after opportunity after opportunity.

People always ask me: Do you ever take a step back and take pride in what you’ve built?

I struggle in answering that question because the truth is that I don’t. I take pride in looking at what you’ve built. Because without you there would be nothing.

I also remind myself that yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality and this is why we have to keep looking forward.

Here is to a happy holiday season and a healthy new year!

Thank you Darryl Sharp for an epic hat!

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