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How to Recalibrate Events for Virtual

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Virtual events will be additive, not reductive, to a planner’s program portfolio, elevating our profession’s strategic importance to sales, marketing, and HR. But before converting a live program to a virtual one, recalibrate via these steps:

  1. Remind yourself why you chose the profession: for the love of bringing people together. This is still the primary goal — just in a different package. (In fact, there’s more opportunity without a geographic constraint.)

  2. Deconstruct your traditional program so it can function in a digital medium. What is an event, really? Isn’t it a meta-container of activities with different objectives? Consider an event with a showcase, networking reception, an award ceremony, and workshops. It’s actually four distinct objectives: generating exhibitor leads, connecting attendees, recognizing achievement, and educating participants.

  3. Match these activities with the right technology tools. Use virtual trade show software for exhibits, appointment scheduling for networking, a video to recognize awardees, and interactive webinars to educate.

For event professionals, this is an opportunity to be more integral to our companies, better partners to our clients, and more integrated with our business strategy. This is our moment to show our adaptability and resourcefulness.

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