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How to Integrate Belonging into Annual Goal Setting

If you're a little bit neurotic -- like yours truly -- this week is when you use the down time to write your goals for the next year.

As you probably know, many people believe that simply writing your desires down increases the chance they'll happen. It manifests them 🪄

(There's research written about in Psychology Today that backs this up if you're inclined to read more about the science behind this.)

To help me structure my goals, I like to use the categories from a version of the "wheel of life" framework that I created. Here they are should you want to try this out too.

As I write out my goals, I like to consider how each of them can strengthen my sense of belonging. I included a few examples below.

  • Primary Partnership (or dating) - What am I doing to strengthen the most important relationship I have?

  • Family

  • Social (e.g. friends, group association) - Do I spend time with the right people? In the right organizations?

  • Financial (e.g. budgeting, investing)

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health (incl. spirituality)

  • Physical Environment (e.g. neighborhood, home) - Am I spending most of my time in the right place?

  • Career & Vocation

  • Community (e.g. volunteerism, philanthropy) - Are the places I offer my time and resources to helping me belong?

  • Fun (e.g. hobbies, travel)

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