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Don’t Bring Trauma to Work: L&D Funds for Mental Health

A people pleaser overworks to the detriment of their mental health...

A passionate employee lashes out at a coworker because they're projecting...

An exemplary contributor has no friends at work because they weren't properly socialized by their parents...

Many of the unfortunate and often inappropriate ways people behave at work are the result of traumas they’ve experienced outside of work, usually as children. They’re repeating the coping mechanisms they’ve used throughout their personal lives to cope in their professional lives, so they're not necessarily to blame for their behavior.

Employers, too, are not to blame for these traumas... but they can help their employees address them.

My recommendation is for employers to include different forms of proven therapy (even meditation and psychedelic journeys, where they're legal) as part of their learning & development programs. This will go so much further than the classic use of L&D funds (books, conferences, classes, etc).

When employees become better versions of themselves, which unlocks their ability to show up authentically and belong to the workplace they're a part of, everyone benefits.

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1 commentaire

Roni Berger
Roni Berger
20 oct. 2022

I was happy to see that now you join me in the field of trauma and discuss how past traumatic experiences may be imported into adult life.

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