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Creating Expectations

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A key quality for up-and-coming leaders

The classic performance review has three different outcomes:

  1. Does not meet expectations

  2. Meets expectations

  3. Exceeds expectations

But what’s beyond that?

How about a fourth and even more elusive — creates expectations?

This thought came to me during a conversation with one of my investors where he asked: “Where do ideas come from at your company? Who designs processes and systems?” This made me think differently about the meaning of leadership at our company.

If all of the ideas for change come from the CEO, the company’s future is limited to her ability and by her mentality. She gives the marching orders and her direct reports follow suit. That is not enough.

In order to truly build something epic, the entire organization has to be involved and the only way to do that is to create expectations through your role.

This is how leaders within the company develop professionally, show their untapped potential, and add more value than what was initially possible.

How are you creating expectations in your organization?

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