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Coming Soon: "The Belonging Quest"

Today, I’m thrilled to announce my forthcoming book, The Belonging Quest. It's an interactive workbook that is set to be published by ForbesBooks in 2023.

I’ve been writing about belonging for a while now. The perspective I usually take is that of the individual:

Why is belonging important?

How do we go about finding and enhancing our sense of it?

Humbly, I’d say I’ve spent six figures and over ten thousand hours searching for, learning about, and developing a practice around belonging in my own life. I’ve had, for the most part, a privileged (yet modest) life but I also experienced a series of childhood traumas relating to adoption, immigration, divorced parents, and step-family that made me feel belonging-less.

I’ve considered a variety of identities, explored passions, and done deep work to identify where I truly find belonging. In The Belonging Quest, I’ll be sharing research and models that academics and thought leaders have cultivated over decades while weaving in my own learnings, frameworks, and best practices. There will also be a video quest game accompaniment for readers to play and learn from.

Why now?

Because people are further apart than ever before. Whether it's because of political divisions, economic strife, social justice, etc., we can viscerally feel how divided we’ve become across a litany of dimensions.

I fervently believe now is the time to help people chart their paths to find their sense of belonging, which will, in turn, bring us closer together.

The Belonging Quest is set to release Spring 2023. Join me on a collective journey to carve out space for ourselves amongst each other by subscribing to my newsletter for updates.

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