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Belonging is the Binding Agent Great Companies Need

You’ve heard the stats: most employees want diversity at work, diverse companies are more successful, etc. In other words, a company will not reach its full potential if it lacks a DEI strategy.

But a DEI strategy is not enough because it lacks a binding agent. That’s where belonging comes in.

After making sure a workplace is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, employers that want to attract the best talent need to ensure they provide employees with a sense of belonging.

If diversity is making sure everyone is at the party, equity is making sure everyone has space to dance, and inclusion is being asked to dance, then belonging is feeling comfortable enough to dance whether you’re viral on TikTok or have two left feet.

Belonging is the glue that binds everyone at the company together to both one another and to the company’s greater purpose. DEI should be par for the course… belonging is next level.

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1 Comment

Roni Berger
Roni Berger
Oct 13, 2022

Very well said. 👏👏👏

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