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Moving On (from Social Tables)

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Informing my coworkers on Friday, November 1st, 2019 of my decision to leave Social Tables.

A few months ago, I decided it was time for me to leave Social Tables, the company I started 9 years ago, and start anew. I informed my teammates of my decision this past Friday, a week or so after the one year anniversary of our acquisition by Cvent.

The decision wasn’t hard because the timing felt right — Social Tables was all grown up and my impact started to have diminishing returns. I leave behind a dedicated and talented group of people that will continue to grow the business and help our customers succeed; a parent company that is committed to the industry and to our employees; and a proud legacy of putting culture, hospitality, and community first. I trust Social Tables will do even better things after me than with me.

The below is my letter to colleagues informing them of my decision.


Hey Team,

It is with great difficulty that I write to let you know of my decision to leave Social Tables.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 9 years since I started this company. During that time, our community has grown in ways that surpassed many expectations and with that growth, our business flourished. Who we are today could not have been possible without all of you (and those in your seats prior):

  1. We will grow 20% this year (and 25% next year).

  2. We have grown from 100 employees in the US to 180 worldwide (with another 30 open positions).

  3. We’ve successfully integrated our world into the Cvent universe (with two integrations live by EOY).

  4. And most importantly, we serve more venues and planners in more countries than ever before!

Simply put, Social Tables is beyond me. It doesn’t need its founder to continue on its successful path. Your dedication, talents, and the spirit each of you bring to the office every day is the alchemy behind our success. It is deeply humbling to reflect on that, and I will continue to do so for many years.

They say the best leaders know when to leave. I’d like to think I’m a mediocre leader at best but at least this decision feels right. Social Tables has been a part of my identity for so long. My life will never be without it (my tattoo guarantees that) but the entrepreneur in me is yearning to grow and I am energized at the prospect of all the opportunities that lie ahead.

As far as my next chapter is concerned, I’m currently writing a book (on operating companies and building communities) that will be out in 2020. I’m exploring a few entrepreneurial endeavors, and I’m likely to move back to NYC early next year.

But enough about me because I’m a small piece of the entire puzzle. I know each of you has many options when it comes to employment, especially in this sector, this city, and this economy. Thank you for choosing ST as your professional home and for giving it your all, day in and day out. 🥰

Your highly capable leadership team is going to be operating like it is today and working even more closely with HQ leaders to do what’s best for ST, now and for its future.

There are two people I need to specifically call out with my gratitude:

  1. Trevor has been by my side, shoulder-to-shoulder, from the early days. I am forever indebted to him for being a patient partner, trusted confidante, and capable leader. Thanks to him, I’m a better person.

  2. Reggie, our CEO, has been very supportive of me from the beginning. I shared my decision last week and he immediately understood where I was coming from. Thanks to him, I’m a better executive.

Again, I’m in the office until the 22nd should you need anything at all. See you around on- and off-line (next GTC is 11/18).

With deep appreciation,

Dan ❤️

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