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My New Venture

After several years of flirting with the asset side of the hospitality industry, I’ve finally made the jump and put my money where my mouth is... I bought a [historical] property.

My new venture is called Assemble: Productive Offsites & Retreats and it’s a chain of boutique retreats centers. The first one will be here in Boise, ID (down the street from my house) and it will open early next year.

This purpose-built facility specially built for multi-day gatherings is located a few blocks from the city's downtown. It will have 11 executive studios, three meeting rooms (1,000 square feet of total meeting space), luxury amenities, and integrated white-glove agenda design services. 🛎 

Nothing makes me happier professionally than seeing a team performing on all cylinders. This new asset class will help teams do that, and more.

I’m excited to partner with Brittney Cobb, to learn new skills, and to take on new challenges in an industry I’m both familiar with and passionate about. 

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