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Find Your Community By Starting One

I didn’t know a single person when I moved to Idaho in July 2020.

As a social creature who has written extensively about the importance of community, I knew I needed to cultivate a new network quickly. I didn’t, however, want to only plug into existing groups. I wanted to be additive to Idaho’s business community so I focused on creating community rather than just joining.

When you read advice about moving to a new city (including my own) it’s often basic af. Go to networking events, join business groups, attend meetups… What all of these resources lack is guidance on how to cultivate an authentic community from scratch.

Relocating is an opportunity to add a completely new cluster to your network and a leadership moment to coalesce people around you (instead of around them). I’m proud of the book club I started, the founder circle I cofounded (Founders and Firepits), and, most importantly, the #agtech conference I’m sponsoring…

The two-hour conference is taking place Monday, May 16, and it’s the first of its kind. It’ll bring together Idahoan farmers, growers, and ranchers to meet a dozen Israeli #agtech startups. I’m doing this because I want to see connections between two places that have a lot in common but don’t often cross paths.

They say the secret to networking is giving instead of taking. If you’re trying to find your community, it might be time to start one instead of joining one.

If you have any interest in #agtech and are in Idaho, register for free here. If you want to move to Idaho, don’t - it sucks here and we’re already full. ;)

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